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Henley Forum 16th Annual Conference

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Making a difference  through knowledge and learning   – Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 February 2016

The Strategic Planning Society is pleased to announce a special 25% member discount to the 16th Annual Conference of the Henley Forum.
In an ever-changing working world, where today is unlike yesterday and tomorrow is a foreign land, being able to exploit existing knowledge is still necessary, but it is no longer sufficient. Instead, organisations need to learn quickly from the emerging future in order to be both resilient and agile. Knowledge and learning professionals have a vital role to play in interpreting and enabling organisational change. So, this year the conference is asking:

1. What’s on the horizon for knowledge  and learning professionals?

Knowledge plays such a big part in improving organisational performance that departments outside the KM team are developing their own ways to contribute to the knowledge and learning agenda. A rich variety of views and approaches offers greater value. and so speakers have been invitedwho can each bring a different perspective to the challenge of making a difference through knowledge and learning.

But people can get overwhelmed by change initiatives if the various perspectives on knowledge and learning fail to connect. So the second question is:

2. How can we join the dots to make more of a difference?

The organisers have posed our questions and attendees are invited to bring your own – helping you to develop actionable insights to make an even bigger difference in your organisation.

For full details of the event click here:

To secure the 25% discount to SPS members email the forum:  and you must book before 31st January 2016.

Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer



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